The power of KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or Wanghong (a Chinese term for internet celebrity) is phenomenal. The stories they tell, ​the pictures they post, or even the hashtags they use significantly affect consumer behavior. According to CCTV, 83% of young Chinese consumer purchasing decisions are highly influenced by KOL recommendations, whereas only 38% of consumers feel the same in the United States. It is common for brands to utilize influencers to promote products, events, or campaigns in China considering their popularity and a large number of loyal followers on major social networking sites such as Xiaohongshu (Red) and Douyin (Tiktok).

KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers) have a smaller size of audience base in comparison to KOLs. However, more and more brands have started to shift the budget towards these "ordinary people" as they tend to have a higher rate of engagement. Because of the "neighbor-like nature", shoppers typically find these everyday consumers' sharing and product reviews more authentic and convincing.

In light of KOLs and KOCs' strong impact on customers, it is beneficial for brands to incorporate them into an online marketing plan, no matter how big or small the campaign scale is. CLICKS MARKETING SOLUTIONS uses sophisticated analytics to help you better promote your brand, products, or events by providing you a customized mix of influencers, catered to your needs and goals.



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